She Said Yes

So the big idea is Mona was more of the big problem before cassie died. Mona was the only friend cassie had because she gave her interest about killing and doing evil things. Although cassie believed in God that didn’t change the way cassie looked at Mona as a bad friend. The Letters they both sent to each other were very rude and bad. The good thing is Cassie’s parents got involve because those letters could’ve caused some problems for cassie. I can relate to the characters which are cassie’s parents because if cassie was my daughter I would try to get information of why she wrote bad letters to Mona about killing. I would also try to keep my daughter away from Mona because she is a bad influence towards cassie. But at first I thought that Mona’s parents didn’t know about the letters between the girls, but now I see that they did and they didn’t bring the attention to cassie’s parents because they didn’t want to break up a five year relationship with the girls. The parents could at least talk to them and try to talk to them out of writing those kind of letters. I wonder how come cassie gets to face the bad consequences. Half of the things she did wasn’t her fault. Cassie should choose her friends more carefully next time. If it wasn’t for Mona writing the letters cassie wouldn’t go through the things she go through now. But I think that cassie is going to get through this situation and talk it out with someone.